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Nordic Walking in Nature's Gym

Nordic Walking is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, it is easy to learn and highly effective form of exercise that benefits everyone.  Exercising outside is also proven to work your body harder than the gym due to the constant change in terrain, the uneven ground and the weather.

Training in the fresh air and the increase in oxygen helps release serotonin, the feel good chemical which reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and puts you in an awesome mood!


Just a few of the great reasons to try Nordic Walking are:

  • Works the whole body and feels easier than normal walking

  • Burns 20-40% more calories than normal walking

  • Low impact on knees and joints

  • Great for backs, shoulders and necks

  • Easy to learn, sociable and fun!

Boost your love of the outdoors and exercise in Nature's Gym.

Learn to Nordic Walk

This award winning course will help you get the most out of your Nordic Walking by teaching you to competently Nordic Walk regardless of level of fitness or ability to be coordinated.

Workout Walks

These weekly action packed one hour Nordic Walks are designed to help you to improve your fitness and gain fast results whilst enjoying being outside in our wonderful countryside.

Wellbeing Walks

These gentle Nordic Walks are a safe way to get yourself fitter.  Small groups mean that you never get left behind and can enjoy the local countryside in a fun and sociable exercise class.

Away Days & Adventures

Enjoy longer Nordic Walking adventures exploring our beautiful countryside local and further afield.  These fully lead Nordic Walks are a relaxing way to explore and enjoy the outdoors. 

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